Automatic time tracking: Track time without lifting a finger

Tracks and supports your favourite apps


Detailed activity insights

Get in-depth insights on your daily activities, including places visited, duration of stay, and the timing of your visits.


Elegant report of your activities and trends

FocusFusion will provide you with a comprehensive report of your activities, enabling you to track trends and swiftly identify bad habits.


Automatic cross-device sync

FocusFusion seamlessly tracks your activities across all your Apple devices without the need for installing additional apps on them.


Set website and app limits

Set platform limits on distracting sites and focus on what truly matters. This feature ensures that FocusFusion runs in the background to enforce the restrictions.


Stay informed with in-app notifications

FocusFusion keeps you in the know with helpful notifications right within the app. Get real-time updates on your progress, productivity insights, and important reminders to help you stay on track


Quick access from your menu bar

With FocusFusion, important data like your productivity score, daily time tracking, top apps or websites, and most productive hours are just a glance away. Our menu bar feature keeps you informed and in control even outside the app.